Installation by Audio-Video Group

Sound and Video Installation in Frederick, Maryland

Sound System Installation in Frederick, MarylandAudio-Video Group offers an expert team of representatives to evaluate your needs and design, and professional technicians to install and service your system. Add our extensive training capabilities for new and existing systems, and you’ll discover why Audio-Video Group is your best source for sound and video.

Evaluation by Audio-Video Group
Sometimes you don’t know what you need….”Custom sound and video systems, what do I need and what don’t I need?” Your existing system is showing its age and suddenly not working as well as it once did, or you are building a brand new facility. Our qualified team at AVG will assess your space and requirements to design the best system to meet both your needs and your budget.

Design and Engineering by Audio-Video Group
All of our sound and video systems at AVG are custom designs. Every project begins with an on-site visit and personal interview to determine your functional and physical requirements and learn what challenges you wish to overcome. Then, we put our years of experience and ongoing training in the latest technology to work for you, creating the best integrated-system solution for your specific needs.

We pay attention to details, configuring your system for the proper placement and style of loudspeaker(s) to obtain the greatest intelligibility (the ability to distinguish what is being said), eliminating annoyances such as reverberance and interaction between units when using multiple speakers.

Whether you’re looking for sound reinforcement, hearing assistance, background music, paging, video recording and/or distribution (or some combination of these), Audio-Video Group systems will meet both your needs and your budget.

Installation by Audio-Video Group
Once you have settled on a custom system design, the professional AVG crew will install and test your system, adhering to our strict quality standards. In addition to our expertise with the audio and video equipment we install, Audio-Video Group holds a Maryland Statewide Master Electrician’s license and will make sure your installed system meets all applicable codes.